Acta Morphologica et Anthropologica Volume 22

Table of Contents


Vasoprotective Properties of Aronia Melanocarpa – a Histological and Morphometric Study
E. Daskalova, S. Delchev, I. Bivolarski, P. Denev, M. Kratchanova, P. Cvetkov, M. Kaluch
Study on Fibroblast Activation Protein- a Activity in an In vivo Mouse Model of Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma
M. Dimitrova, I. Iliev, V. Pavlova, V. Mitev, I. Ivanov
Round Immature Spermatogenic Cells in Semen Fluids of Infertile Men with Diagnosis “Migrating Testis”. Two Casuistic Cases in Adults
I. Ilieva, P. Tzvetkova, M. Kacarov, I. Sainova, P. Taushanova, I. Vladov, E. Zvetkova
Clinical Case of a Patient with RRMS and Acute Inflammatory Response Following Vaccination against Tetanus
V. Kolyovska, D. Maslarov
Morphometrical Study of the Choroid Plexus Blood Vessels in Experimental Hamster Graffi Tumor Model
V. Ormandzhieva, R. Toshkova
Effects of Aging on Sperm Morphology and Fertility
M. Pencheva, Y. Koeva, A. Aleksandrov, N. Atanassova
Immunohistochemical Expression of Ghrelin Receptor GHS-R1 in the Gastrointestinal Tract
N. Penkova, P. Atanassova
Therapeutic Activity of Albendazole on a Murine Experimental Model of the Muscle Stage of Trichinellosis
S. Petkova, V. Dilcheva, E. Gabev
Homology of Heat Shock Protein 70 (HSP70) in Human and Mouse Testis
S. Zaprianova, P. Rashev

Anthropology and Anatomy

Paleopathological Changes in the Human Postcranial Skeletal Remains from the Necropolis in the Locality of Saint Spas, in the Varosh Quarter, Town of Pernik, Western Bulgaria (15th-19th Centuries)
N. Atanassova-Timeva, B. Galabova
Psoriasiform keratosis – a Case Report
V. Broshtilova, V. Mihailova, M. Gantcheva
Characteristic on the Arterial Blood Supply of Dog Mammary Glands
L. Hristakiev, G. D. Georgiev, G. I. Georgiev, E. Sapundzhiev, I. Raychev
Extensor Indicis Brevis Muscle: Anatomical and Clinical Considerations
A. Iliev, G. P. Georgiev, I. N. Dimitrova, B. Landzhov
Qualitative Dermatoglyphic Traits in Twins
I. Maslarski
The Papillary Images as Part of the Twin Method
I. Maslarski, L. Belenska
A Case of Skeletal Dysplasia in Bone Remains from a Contemporary Male Individual
S. Nikolova, D. Toneva, I. Georgiev
Variations in the Form of the Inferior Orbital Fissure
S. Nikolova, D. Toneva
Results from the Anthropological Investigation of Human Bone Remains from Excavations on UPI 5040 Section of Antique Necropolis of Apolonia Pontica
V. Russeva
Anthropological Investigation of the Bone Remains from the Archaeological Site “Samuil – Tsar of Bulgaria Monument”
D. Toneva, S. Nikolova, P. Stoyanova
Coexistence of a Suprascapular Notch and a Bony Canal: a Rare Anatomical Variation
D. Toneva, S. Nikolova
Application of Duracryl® Plus in Making of Corrosion Casts for Macro- and Microscopical Studies of the Renal Vasculature and Collecting System in Domestic Swine
N. Tsandev, I. Stefanov, G. Kostadinov, H. Hristov, B. Derventlieva, A. Vodenicharov

Review Articles

Briefly about Bone Defects and New Strategies to Treat Them
R. Alexandrova, A. Abudalleh, T. Zhivkova, L. Dyakova, B. Andonova-Lilova, O. Alexandrov, N. Saha
Fibroblast Activation Protein α and Its Role in Cancer with a Focus on Breast Carcinoma
M. Dimitrova, I. Iliev, V. Pavlova, V. Mitev, I. Ivanov
Mammalian Balbiani Body as Sign of Ancestral Oocyte Asymmetry
V. Hadzhinesheva, V. Nikolova, I. Chakarova, S. Delimitreva, M. Markova, R. Zhivkova
Contraception and In Vitro Fertilization in Young Women with Multiple Sclerosis
V. Kolyovska, V. Pavlova
Protective Role of Germinal Angiotensin-I Converting Enzyme (gACE) for Sperm and Fertilization
M. Pencheva, Y. Koeva, N. Atanassova