Acta Morphologica et Anthropologica Volume 26(1-2)

Table of Contents


Practical Use of Immunochistochemical Investigation in Diagnosis, Differential Diagnosis, Grading and Standing of Urothelial Carcinomas of Urinary Bladde
V. Belovezhdov, M. Koleva, D. Dikov
Age-related Changes in Rat Thymus Connective Tissue Influenced by Aronia Melanocarp
E. Daskalova, S. Delchev, L. Vladimirova-Kitova, P. Denev. S. Valcheva-Kuzmanova, S. Kitov, M. Kanarev
Germ Cell Marker DDX4 (Vasa) Transiently Accumulates in Balbiani Body of Early Mouse Oocytes
V. Hadzhinesheva, M. Markova, S. Delimitreva, I. Chakarova, V. Nikolova, R. Zhivkova
Morphological Characterization of Erythrodermic Mycosis Fungoide
V. Kantardjiev, S. Davidovska, V. Broshtilova, M. Gantcheva
Study of Amiloid Precursor Protein Developmental Changes in Homogenate, Membrane and Soluble Fractions Derived from Rat Brain, Skeletal Muscle, Kidney and Live
L. Kirazov, E. Kirazov
Expression of GHS-R1 in the Stomach of Male and Female Rats after High-Fat, High-Carbohydrate Diet
N. Penkova, P. Hrischev, K. Georgieva, P. Atanassova
Brain Morphological Changes in Immature Mice After Perinatal Exposure to Cobalt Chloride
E. Petrova, Y. Gluhcheva, E. Pavlova, I. Vladov, A. A. Tinkov, Y. V. Zaitseva, A. V. Skalny
Newly Synthesized Polymer Hydrogels and Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles (nHAP) for Biomedical Application: Histological and Biomedical Studies in Rats
K. Todorova, V. Nanev, I. Vladov, P. Dimitrov, E. Vassileva, D. Nikolova, K. Ruseva, E. Dy- ulgerova Taneva, R. Vassileva, M. Gabrashanska
Mast Cells Distribution in the Terminal Part of Porcine Ureter
N. Tsandev, A. Vodenicharov, G. Kostadinov, I. Stefanov
Inhibitory Effects of Plant Extracts on Postproline Cleaving Enzyme Activity in Human Breast Cancer Cells
A. Vasileva, M. Dimitrova, I.Iliev, D. Tasheva, I. Ivanov

Anthropology and Anatomy

Sex Related Differences in the Distribution of Adipose Connective Tissue in Bulgarian Patients Suffering from Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
A. Baltadjiev, Tz. Petleshkova
Southeuropoid Specifics in the Dermatological Characteristics of the Bulgarian Population from Central Western Bulgaria
N. Paraskova, Z. Mitova
Anthropological Characteristics of Gagauzes from Kavarna
R. Stoev
Study of Dermatoglyphic Fluctuating Asymmetry in Female Breast Cancer
G. Yaneva
Frontal Sinus Dimensions in the Presence of Persistent Metopic Suture
S. Nikolova, D. Toneva
Morphological Study of Jugular Foramen in Bulgarian Adult
D.Toneva, S. Nikolova, D. Zlatareva, V. Hadjidekov
Variant of Brachial Plexus with Unusual Branch of Median Nerve
I. Maslarski, P. Kirilov, G. Yaneva
Case of an Uncommon Injury of the Index Finge
V. Nedialkova, G. P. Georgiev, B. Landzhov, A. Iliev

Review Articles

The Expression of Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase in the Kidney and Its Role for Renal
S. Stanchev, B. Landzhov, G. Kotov, Al. Iliev
Influence of Economic and Social Factors on the Body Dimensions in Newborns
I. Yankova Pandourska, R. Stoev, Y. Zhecheva, A. Dimitrova